Chorus Photos

Here are the 'official' photographs of Anvil Chorus from our archives, mostly taken at convention each year.
More informal pictures are available at the picture gallery

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2008 New Uniforms

Back row: 1.Fred Grove, 2.Mike Yates, 3.Pete Ryley, 4.Rod Butcher, 5.Steven Mobsby, 6.Rick Scott,
Third row: 1.Henry Foster, 2.John Ellis, 3.John Brough, 4.Colin Williams, 5.Colin Smith, 6.Stan Owen, 7.Tony Curtin
Second row: 1.Ed Carter, 2.Ken Hill, 3.Don Melbourne, 4.John Pearson, 5.George Badland, 6.John Eardley
Front row: 1.Dennis Hodgetts, 2.Mike Hendrickson, 3.Fran Dwane, 4.Victor Wong, 5.Phil Mobsby, 6.Tom Knight, 7.Sid Law
Director: Duncan Whinyates (total on stage: 27)

2007 Convention, Scarborough

Back row: 1.Henry Foster, 2.Richard Hartnell, 3.Pete Ryley, 4.John Brough, 5.Rod Butcher, 6.Steven Mobsby, 7.Archie Hill
Third row: 1.Tony Curtin, 2.John Pearson, 3.Rob Barber, 4.John Ellis, 5.Mike Hendrickson, 6.Ed Carter, 7.Ken Hill
Second row: 1.Kevin Payant, 2.Stan Owen, 3.George Badland, 4.Lacy Kyle, 5.Colin Smith, 6.Craig Russell, 7.Peter Conley
Front row: 1.Rick Scott, 2.Sid Law, 3.John Eardley, 4.Alistair Nottle, 5.Phil Mobsby, 6.Don Melbourne
Director: Duncan Whinyates (total on stage: 28)

2005 Convention, Brighton

Back row: 1.John Brough, 2.Chris Chiu, 3.Roy Hodge, 4.George Badland, 5.Colin Smith, 6.Richard Hartnell, 7.Pete Ryley, 8.Fred Grove, 9.Paul Lee
Third row: 1.Rod Butcher, 2.Lloyd Arrindell, 3.John Ellis, 4.Chris Cherry, 5.Sid Law, 6.John Pearson, 7.Geoff Reader, 8.Mike Yates, 9.Archie Hill
Second row: 1.Steven Mobsby, 2.Mike Hendrickson, 3.Stan Robinson, 4.Horace Broughton, 5.John Eardley, 6.Bryan Jeffreys, 7.Tony Curtin, 8.Ken Hill
Front row: 1.Craig Russell, 2.Harry Thomas, 3.Don Melbourne, 4.Ken Carter, 5.Henry Foster, 6.Phil Mobsby, 7.Rick Scott
Director: Victor Wong (total on stage: 34)

2004 Convention, Harrogate

Back row: 1.Chris Cherry, 2.Fran Dwane, 3.Pete Ryley, 4.John Brough, 5.Steven Mobsby, 6.Henry Foster, 7.Lacy Kyle, 8.George Badland, 9.Colin Smith
Third row: 1.John Ellis, 2.Pablo Downton, 3.Mike Yates, 4.Paul Lee, 5.Rod Butcher, 6.John Pearson, 7.Ken Carter, 8.John Eardley
Second row: 1.Stan Robinson, 2.Lloyd Arrindell, 3.Geoff Jones, 4.Phil Mobsby, 5.Richard Hartnell, 6.John Edlin, 7.Sid Law
Front row: 1.Archie Hill, 2.Harry Thomas, 3.Don Melbourne, 4.Craig Russell, 5.Rick Scott, 6.John Baker
Director: Victor Wong (total on stage: 31)

2001 Convention, Glasgow

Back row: 1.Steven Mobsby, 2.Pete Ryley, 3.Colin Smith, 4.Richard Hartnell, 5.Jonathan Smith, 6.Henry Foster, 7.Roy Hodge, 8. Colin Williams, 9.Chris Cherry
Third row: 1.Lloyd Arrindell, 2.Fran Dwane, 3.John Pearson, 4.George Badland, 5.Sid Law, 6.Geoff Robinson, 7.Archie Hill, 8.Dennis Hodgetts
Second row: 1.Bill Brindley, 2.John Baker, 3.Horace Broughton, 4.John Mitchell, 5.John Eardley, 6.Peter Conley, 7.Rick Scott, 8.John Brough
Front row: 1.John Ellis, 2.Don Melbourne, 3.Harry Thomas, 4.Bill O'Connell, 5.Ken Carter, 6.Phil Mobsby
Director: Liz Garnett (total on stage: 32)

1988 Convention, Harrogate

In 1988, Anvil Chorus achieved the bronze medal and were awarded the Wearside Trophy for third placed chorus at this convention (our highest placing so far)

On the third row, number 5 is Louis Radford according to Rick Scott. Simon Hilton and Peter Hughes also think his name is Louis. However, Dale Kynaston insists that it is Mark Lloyd as he was Dale's best man and claims he should know! If you can help sort out this mystery then please let me know

Anvil Chorus, 1988

Back row: 1.Ray Sands, 2.Keith Williams, 3.Harry Hemus, 4.Geoff Robinson, 5.Roy Hodge, 6.Dennis Hodgetts, 7.Wally Marsden, 8.John Riseborough, 9.Rick Scott, 10.John Baker, 11.Stan Cox, 12.Alan Hemus
Third row: 1.Horace Broughton, 2.Les Cannell, 3.Henry Foster, 4.Simon Hilton, 5.Louis Radford, 6.Fred Price, 7.Sam Foulkes, 8.Richard Hartnell, 9.Stan Maude, 10.Tom Quinn, 11.Gerry Wrexham
Second row: 1.Tom Rushton, 2.Joe Riseborough, 3.Dave Boxold, 4.Frank Mason, 5.Noel Whinyates, 6.Dale Kynaston, 7.Colin Shelton, 8.John Pearson, 9.John Winterbottom, 10.Jim Swallow, 11.John Carter
Front row: 1.Gerry Parker, 2.John Ellis, 3.Peter Hughes, 4.Colin Williams, 5.Phil Hilton, 6.Ray McCarthy, 7.Archie Hill, 8.Don Melbourne, 9.Arthur Palfrey
Director: Rod Butcher (total on stage: 44)

1983 Convention, Warwick University

Back row: 1.Ken Hedger, 2.Simon Hilton, 3.Paul (Pablo) Downton, 4.Dennis Hodgetts, 5.Rick Scott, 6.Geoff Robinson, 7.John Riseborough, 8.Don Melbourne, 9.Roy Hodge
Third row: 1.Les Haynes, 2.Les While, 3.Jim Swallow, 4.Colin Parsons, 5.Frank Mason, 6.Mick Buckley, 7.Tom Rushton, 8.Chris Harker
Second row: 1.Gerry Parker, 2.John Ellis, 3.Ted Evans, 4.Glenn Chaney, 5.Steve James, 6.Bob Duncan, 7.Joe Riseborough
Front row: 1.Phil Hilton, 2.Richard Green, 3.Paul While, 4.David While, 5.Stan Cox, 6.Arthur Palfrey, 7.Rod Butcher - director
(total on stage: 31)

1980 Prelims, Sheffield

Back row: 1.Geoff Robinson, 2.Jake Shaw, 3.Les While, 4.Tim Nelson, 5.Dennis Hodgetts, 6.Ray Sands, 7.John Riseborough, 8.Ben Sides, 9.Chris Harker, 10.Rick Scott, 11.Paul While
Middle row: 1.Tony Robinson, 2.Jim Swallow, 3.Colin Parsons, 4.Rod Butcher, 5.Michael Sides - Director, 6.David While, 7.Stan Cox, 8.Duncan Marsh, 9.Joe Riseborough, 10.Mick Buckley
Front row: 1.Simon Hilton, 2.John Ellis, 3.Phil Hilton, 4.Glenn Chaney, 5.Peter Barlow, 6.Andrew Taylor, 7.Bob Duncan, 8.Craig Towns, 9.Don Brotherton, 10.Frank Mason
(total on stage: 31)

1979 Convention, Skegness

This contest, held in the Derbyshire Miners' Holiday Centre over the weekend of 6th-7th October 1979, was not an "official" contest. The British Association of Barbershoppers were in the process of moving the convention and contest from autumn time to the spring. As the next proper convention was going to be over the bank-holiday weekend of 3rd-5th May 1980 they skipped the autumn 1979 convention. However, a contest was organised for novice choruses, quartets and octets and Anvil Chorus, under the direction of Michael Sides, got third place in this competition, and our quartet Chime Gentlemen got second place in the novice quartet competition. Note the interesting way of writing 'Barbers Shop' on the photo cover below.

Anvil Chorus 1979

Back row: 1.Tony Robinson, 2.Duncan Marsh, 3.Chris Harker, 4.Dennis Hodgetts, 5.Ben Sides, 6.Geoff Robinson, 7.Les While
Second row: 1.Jake Shaw, 2.Stan Cox, 3.Rod Butcher, 4.John Riseborough, 5.Joe Riseborough, 6.Les Haynes
Front row: 1.Paul While, 2.David While, 3.David Timmins, 4.Bob Duncan, 5.Rick Scott
Director: Michael Sides (total on stage: 19)

1978 convention in Caister Holiday Centre, Norfolk

The 1978 convention, held on 10th-12th November, was Anvil's first, the club having gained official recognition at the British Association of Barbershoppers AGM in April 1978. If you would like to send me information regarding this photo or anything about Anvil Chorus at the 1978 convention then send me feedback

Back row: 1.Geoff Robinson, 2.Les While, 3.Les Haynes, 4.Rick Scott, 5.Michael Sides, 6.Ben Sides
Front row: 1.Rod Butcher, 2.Dennis Hodgetts, 3.Tony Robinson, 4.Dick French, 5.Paul While, 6.David While, 7.Duncan Marsh
Director: Chris Harker (total on stage: 14)

Thank you to Rod Butcher for providing the 1978, 1979 and 1983 photos, Don Melbourne for the 2001 photo, and John Ellis for the 1980, 1988, 2004, 2005 and 2007 photos. Thanks also to Rod, John Ellis, Don Melbourne, Pablo Downton, Henry Foster, Peter Hughes, Dale Kynaston, John Riseborough, Simon Hilton and Rick Scott for helping with the names.