BABS competitions

Original date of publishing TitleAuthor
18th June 2008 Convention 2008, CheltenhamJonathan Smith
9th June 2007 Convention 2007, ScarboroughJonathan Smith
2nd July 2006 Convention 2006, HarrogateJonathan Smith
23rd October 2005 Quartet Prelims 2005Jonathan Smith
8th June 2005 Convention 2005, BrightonJonathan Smith
18th November2004 Quartet Prelims 2004Jonathan Smith
20th June 2004 Convention 2004, HarrogateJonathan Smith
10th April 2004 Convention 2004 - Running OrderJonathan Smith
13th October 2003 Quartet Prelims 2003Jonathan Smith
27th May 2003 Convention 2003, HarrogateJonathan Smith
1st December 2002 Southern Chorus Prelims 2002Jonathan Smith
28th November 2002 Northern Chorus Prelims 2002Jonathan Smith
17th October 2002 Quartet Prelims 2002Jonathan Smith
28th September 2002 Preparation for Northern Prelims 2002Jonathan Smith
30th May 2002 Convention 2002, BournemouthJonathan Smith
3rd December 2001 Northern Chorus Prelims 2001Jonathan Smith
19th November 2001 Southern Chorus Prelims 2001Jonathan Smith
18th October 2001 Quartet Prelims 2001Jonathan Smith
11th October 2001 Preparation for Northern Prelims 2001 Jonathan Smith

LABBS competitions

Original date of publishing TitleAuthor
26th October 2005 Convention 2005, CardiffJonathan Smith
20th November 2004 Convention 2004, HarrogateJonathan Smith
7th November 2003 Convention 2003, HarrogateJonathan Smith
22nd May 2003 Quartet Prelims 2003Jonathan Smith
14th April 2003 Chorus Prelims 2003Jonathan Smith
21st November 2002 Convention 2002, HarrogateJonathan Smith
16th November 2001 Convention 2001, Bournemouth Jonathan Smith

Reports and Articles

Original date of publishing TitleAuthor
15th September 2005 BABS Harmony College 2005Phil, George, Paul, John B, John E + more
3rd September 2005 Barbershop Harmony Society - Directors College 2005Victor Wong
26th April 2005 Tributes to John BakerMany friends
8th February 2004 Club Quartet CompetitionJonathan Smith
13th December 2003 IABS Convention 2003Lacy Kyle, Pablo Downton,
Phil Mobsby and John Ellis
19th September 2002 BABS Harmony College 2002Fiona Cherry
Jan 2000 - Aug 2002 Articles by previous chorus directorLiz Garnett
29th January 2002 BABS Chorus Directors College 2002George Badland
24th October 2001 The story of the chorus videoDon Melbourne
1st October 2001 Harmony College 2001Fran Dwane
30th September 2001 Your Voice - an instrument for lifeDon Melbourne
26th September 2001 Chorus Awayday Jonathan Smith

Club News Pages

Original date of publishing TitleAuthor
Throughout 2009 News items in 2009Jonathan Smith
Throughout 2008 News items in 2008Jonathan Smith
Throughout 2007 News items in 2007Jonathan Smith
Throughout 2006 News items in 2006Jonathan Smith
Throughout 2005 News items in 2005Jonathan Smith
Throughout 2004 News items in 2004Jonathan Smith
Throughout 2003 News items in 2003Jonathan Smith
Throughout 2002 News items in 2002Jonathan Smith
From September 2001 News items from September 2001 Jonathan Smith

Other Items

Original date of publishing TitleAuthor
27th January 2008 Annual Dinner 2008Jonathan Smith
15th February 2007 Annual Dinner 2007Jonathan Smith
22nd December 2006 Guest Night advertismentJohn Ellis
30th March 2006 Annual Dinner 2006Jonathan Smith
7th October 2005 Craig Russell and Barbershop 4-castJonathan Smith
29th Jan 2005 Annual Dinner 2005Jonathan Smith
13th November 2003 Chairman's Page 2003John Brough
13th Feb 2003 Annual Dinner 2003Jonathan Smith
2nd December 2002 Chairman's Page 2002Chris Cherry
30th September 2002 Second City Sound show promotion
3rd March 2002 Annual Dinner 2002Jonathan Smith
2nd March 2002 Chairman's Page 2000Phil Mobsby
31st January 2002 Singing ValentinesJonathan Smith
5th November 2001 George's Music Services - resource pageJonathan Smith
9th October 2001 Forge Ahead - club magazine promo John Ellis